Take a Brain Break!


The poem I’ve posted on the I-Diem page combines three of my favourite techniques for getting those writing neurons firing: making a list, describing what is going on this minute and what I would call ‘thought fragments’…effectively a “Pop-up Poem”!

Lists can be beautiful and our thoughts often come to us in an amazing collage of seemingly unconnected images, ideas and conversations with self. Writing what is happening at this very moment and as each moment unfurls can free us from that oppressive belief that when we write we have to write with a capital ‘W’ and, I believe, can give the brain a break from analysing, solving and ‘performing’.

Over the years, I have found this writing technique to be soothing and calming – a way to savour the world by breathing into the words – especially when my mind starts to take me places I don’t want to go: self-judging, self-criticism or “what about the future?” questions. I’ve even been known to write these poems on takeaway coffee cups and receipts!

So why not grab a scrap of paper, a parking ticket or a paper napkin and treat yourself to a ‘brain break’. And do feel free to share your pop-up poem – or any thoughts – via the comments link.


One thought on “Take a Brain Break!

  1. The list I’m working with today is all the things I have to do to get ready for my sister and brother-in-law’s imminent visit – it’s over long and v dreary!

    Talking of poems – any news on Tommy?

    Love, Joyxx


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