Next Write to Create Support Group – 22 April 2017

Hello all

A quick reminder that the next Write to Create Support Group is this coming Saturday, 22/4/17 at 10am in Brighton Consulting Rooms next to Preston Park Station.

In last month’s workshop the participants created a rich seam of discussion around the theme of ‘Claiming our Space. There was time and space, both within the group and on the page, to explore perceptions of Mothering Sunday and what it can mean to those of us without children. The writing exercises allowed participants to let out frustrations, to have a rant if they wished, to ask, ‘How do I claim my space in the world?’ and to explore how we might turn negative, self-destructive thoughts around. Talking, support, laughter, tea, coffee and biscuits with a bit of discovering the creative soul!

To follow the flow of the season, the suggested theme for this month’s workshop is ‘Emergence and Discovery’. Even if you’re not quite ready to break cover yet, to even contemplate rising from a current emotional state, the prospect is always there for emergence and for recognising potential for new ways of thinking and being.

If you’re interested in these workshops please feel free to email me or to call:

07753 228616


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