#Thank You


Good morning lovely blog readers.  It’s the first day of frost here on the South Coast of the UK.  Here are some lines from one of my fave poets, Billy Collins – from his poem ‘Winter’.  See the rest of the poem here.

A little heat in the iron radiator,
the dog breathing at the foot of the bed,
and the windows shut tight,
encrusted with hexagons of frost.

My post this morning is a heartfelt thank you to everyone who ‘liked’, shared, commented on and supported my Poemathon for National Fertility Awareness Week here in the UK.

The poems were written over the space of two weeks but they were 15 years ‘in the making’. It felt like a huge leap of faith to send the poems out into the world but I’m pleased I took that leap!  I hope that one or two resonated with you or gave pause for thought.

On another note, I was honoured to have been included in an article about fertility treatment being 40 this year in the UK’s Independent Newspaper last Saturday.  If anyone is interested in seeing the online version here is the link.

Thank you again.  And for anyone interested, the Poemathon raised (at last look at the Just Giving Page) just under £300 for Fertility Network UK.  Thank you.

Another post soon…

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