3rd December – List-mas


C’mon – let’s start writing ‘Lists of Kindness’!

So, lists aren’t exactly an ‘official’ festive tradition but where would we be without them at this time of year? When the going gets stressful, the stressed get listing! And as I see other folk putting up Christmas trees and filling their shopping trolleys with yet another Port and Stilton Gift Set, I can feel that creeping, slightly out-of-control sense of panic lurching in the pit of my stomach. That’s when no piece of paper or card is safe. Lists appear everywhere and they lurk there like little gremlins, nagging me to do stuff I don’t really want to do. I mean, my lists never include 3: have tea and chocolate biscuit.

So, this year, my lists will be small works of art (eh, that’s ‘art’ with a small ‘a’) – little ‘gifts-to-self’ and, who knows, they may become part of my festive tradition. And they will include rewards, gems of gentle encouragement or reminders to stop here and there in shop doorways or bus stops to take in the Christmas light angels with the eyes of a 6 year-old.fullsizeoutput_1a3a

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