That Mindful Monday Moment

Here’s something I’d like to try… Every Monday (life and migraines allowing!) I’ll offer a teeny, tiny mindful moment based around a text, an image or a thought. I hope you enjoy this first week’s offering.

The Orchard Within

How often have I done it – grabbed a piece of fruit from the bowl, bitten into it and wandered around carrying on with my tasks, mindlessly munching? 

Li-Young Lee’s poem, From Blossoms (click link to read) made me stop and think about all those opportunities I have to really connect with what I eat – even in those seemingly inconsequential, snatched snacking moments.

It is a beautiful thought that, as we bite into a peach, an apple, a grape, we bite into everything that has gone to make them – the blossom, the sunshine, the earth.  The idea that we can ‘carry within us an orchard’ is truly life-affirming.

Take a bite.  Stop.  Savour.  Taste the blossom.

Have a good week, my friends. x

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