Without Issue

Childless and living a creative life

Creative Childless Complete

This blog is the result of almost two decades of a healing process.

Its intention is to shine a light on the nature of the loss and grief of involuntary childlessness – through any circumstance.  But it is also designed to provide insights into some of the ways in which I was able to find a new way of being – one that did not deny my childlessness and, at the same time, did not allow my childlessness to define me completely.

Without Issue is partly a travelogue through some of the moments of intense emotion on a ‘journey’ to recovery and healing.  My aim is to make it the blog I would have liked to have read fifteen years ago.  More than anything I hope it can offer its readers a glimpse of a future – albeit a different future to the one they envisaged – one in which they can thrive and be a creative, complete person without issue.

In each post I offer a personal experience, some ideas from current socio-psychological thinkers and writers, and examples of some of the creative activities that have helped me over the years.  The I-Diem page is an (almost) daily record of found moments that you might find amusing, thought-provoking or helpful.

I welcome your thoughts, ideas and stories.  If you’d like me to share your story, please message me and let me know if you’d like me to include your name or if you’d prefer to be anonymous.  Your comments are always welcome (please be aware these are not anonymous and once approved are public).

Creative techniques can help us explore our feelings and emotions in ways that are non-threatening and playful.  They can release us from the need to put words to the inexpressible and they can allow us to discover new and powerful ways of engaging with the written and spoken word.  That said, it is good to be mindful of your own boundaries and of how far you wish to explore and how much you wish to discover.  If at any time you feel overwhelmed by unwanted emotions or feelings, stop your activity and do something else.  Should you feel you need help, seek advice from a qualified therapist or practitioner.  You will find some resources and information on the ‘Resources’ page.