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This blog began around four years ago as a result of almost two decades of a healing process.  My original intention was to shine a light on the nature of the grief and loss of being childless not by choice – through any circumstance.  I had no idea where the blog would take me and what effect it would have on me or on my readers.  The process of writing each new post helped me to realise that by allowing myself to pursue my creativity, by staying curious and trusting in that rocky path we call grief, I could find a new way of being – one that did not deny my childlessness and, at the same time, did not allow my childlessness to define me.

But nothing stays static.  Not even grief.

Over these last few years, I’ve evolved, a new sense of self has emerged and now Without Issue is changing too.  I’ll still be writing about personal experiences, ideas from current socio-psychological thinkers and writers and I’ll make suggestions for creative activities or pursuits; I’ll just not be writing exclusively about childlessness.  My aim is to offer a more holistic read that encompasses notions of curiosity, discovery, wellbeing and healing.

The new element I would like to add to Without Issue is that of fulfilling our potential without filling our stress bucket.  Each of us faces our own personal challenges – whether physical, emotional or psychological.  As someone affected by chronic migraine I am only too aware how difficult it can be to balance every role we take on or are given.  It is easy to find ourselves existing in that negative space of feeling ‘not good enough’.  It has taken many months of thinking and talking and re-calibrating to realise that phrases such as ‘pacing yourself’, ‘finding balance’ and ‘asking for help’ are not admissions of defeat but are part of a process of self-acceptance that can ultimately give a sense of peace.  It sounds strange but my migraines have given me a gift – one that encourages me to live well on the days I am well.  In Without Issue I want to share with you what I have learnt thus far and I hope you’ll come with me on some new pathways of discovery.

I welcome your thoughts, ideas and stories.  If you’d like me to share your story, please message me and let me know if you’d like me to include your name or if you’d prefer to be anonymous.  Your comments are always welcome. (Please be aware, once approved your comments become public and unless you tell me otherwise, they will not be anonymous).

Creative techniques can help us explore our feelings and emotions in ways that are non-threatening and playful.  They can release us from the need to put words to the inexpressible and they can allow us to discover new and powerful ways of engaging with the written and spoken word.  That said, it is good to be mindful of your own boundaries and of how far you wish to explore and how much you wish to discover.  If at any time you feel overwhelmed by unwanted emotions or feelings, stop your activity and do something else.  Should you feel you need help, seek advice from a qualified therapist or practitioner.  You will find some resources and information on the ‘Resources’ page.