#Thank You

Good morning lovely blog readers.  It’s the first day of frost here on the South Coast of the UK.  Here are some lines from one of my fave poets, Billy Collins – from his poem ‘Winter’.  See the rest of the poem here. A little heat in the iron radiator, the dog breathing at the foot … More #Thank You

#National Fertility Awareness Week

Poem 5: Longing The Brazilians have a wonderful word that encapsulates all the ethereal qualities of longing: saudade.  It is impossible to translate saudade into one single English word.  Rather it is a mixture of homesickness, sense of loss, remembering and the bittersweet nature of longing.  Waiting for the longed-for dream to come true can feel … More #National Fertility Awareness Week

#National Fertility Awareness Week

Poem 2 This poem describes how, whether you’re trying spontaneously or through treatment to conceive, your perception of time changes.  The month has bracketed times like ‘fertile days’, ‘the dreaded two-week-wait’, ‘test day’.  To others it might just be a Monday.  To those trying to conceive the day will have a very specific number assigned … More #National Fertility Awareness Week

The Presence of Absence: learning to live with my potential child

  On many levels this has proved a difficult post to write – technically, professionally and emotionally. It is tricky to write about something that wasn’t: a non-fictional person who never existed. I say ‘non-fictional’ because a child is created before it is conceived. I don’t know who said this (please let me know if … More The Presence of Absence: learning to live with my potential child