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An update on Write to Create Workshops, an inspiring evening at a dementia charity launch and a poetry gift courtesy of Poetry Ireland.

Write to Create
Last week’s Write to Create support workshop for involuntary childlessness centred around the idea of Emergence and Discovery. Instead of focussing on the ‘shoulds’ and ‘musts’ of recovery from grief we explored ‘small moments of emergence’ and how we don’t have to allow others, or our perceptions of other people’s expectations, to dictate how we navigate our sense of loss. There was thinking space, speaking space and creative space… and the writing that emerged was moving and powerful. 

The next two support workshops will be held at Brighton Consulting Rooms next to Preston Park Station on 3 June and 22 July, 10am to 12pm. Please call me on 07753 228616 or email deborah@deborahsloancounselling if you are interested in joining the workshops.  PLEASE NOTE THAT THESE LAST TWO DATES HAVE CHANGED FROM THE ORIGINAL DATES.

Dementia Action Alliance

This piece of news is not about involuntary childlessness but it is a reminder of the powerful effect of finding a space to express, to create and to have your voice heard.

One of my creative writing roles takes me every Thursday to the Phoenix Centre in Lewes to run a creative writing workshop for vulnerable adults and those living with dementia.  Last night the Phoenix Centre hosted the launch for an important new charity – Dementia Action Alliance.  We heard many different voices – someone living with dementia, a carer, a professional and a dementia ‘activist’.  As part of the evening, a theatre group, The Dot Collective, acted and spoke the words of the participants in my group.  All the work, which was beautifully performed, was taken from an anthology, ‘Write in the Moment’,  I co-edited with Giedre Dian at the Phoenix Centre, and which features the participants’ written work and artwork.  It was one of the most moving moments I could imagine.  To hear the group participants’ work acknowledged and honoured, and most importantly, to be able to hear the creative voice of some amazing people was such a gift.

Poem in Your Pocket

Follow this link to see a collection of 12 poetry ‘cards’ to print and keep – some wonderful poems by legendary poets. 

The next post will be out soon.  Watch this space.

Thank you

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